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July 22, 2024
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Welcome to Squares, a free online puzzle game!
Level: 1 | Score: 0 | Clicks left: 11

Game rules

The goal of the game is to reach the highest level and make the highest score possible. You do this by clearing the board, for each level. When you click on a square, the 8 squares around it are switched. For example, if you click in the middle of a big square, it will disappear. Just try it a few times and it will become clear in your mind!

You may click everywhere on the board, on empty squares as well as on full squares.

To make a high score, you must finish each level with a number of clicks as small as possible! You'll get a special bonus if you finish a level with the minimum number of clics required to win.

Once you have cleared a level, you get to the next level, which needs one more click to be solved. So level 1 needs only one click, but level 25 needs 25 clicks...

You loose when you can't clear a level in the allowed number of clicks. For each level, you have <minimum required number of clicks>*2+1 clicks allowed.

Click on the High-scores button to view the high-scores table (this won't stop your current game). There are two tables: the All Times Top Ten Table, and the Current Top 100 Table. The Current table is regularly purged of the oldest scores, so we can see who is the best player at the moment!

Click on the Change look button to try new graphics.

Click on the Give up button to stop playing and enter the high-score table if you deserve it!

Now let's give some fun to these idle brain cells! ;)


Original idea and programming: Olivier Fabre.
Graphics: Sylvain Aumercier, Olivier Fabre.
Web site 2004-2013 Olivier Fabre. All rights reserved.